Children´s Democracy is about the formation of a state of mind that manifests itself over time as a feeling of being a respected human being who has the ability to perceive the perception of others. The children’s democratic development must be seen from a child’s perspective. Where the individual child has just begun to explore and experience the sense of self and others in constant new ways.

At Children´s Garden do we take great pride in supporting our children for a better future of the world that we all live in. It is our foremost duty as educators to promote the core understanding of democracy to your child, in partnership with you as your child´s first teacher. We take the liberty to kindly ask you to reflect on your families´ understanding of democracy and how you implement it in your child´s upbringing.

Our democratic set of values are to be seen as a frame for how we guide our children towards to be a well-rounded, happy, ambitious and resilient individual. Our set of values are inspired by the United Nation´s Declaration of the Rights of the Child and the standard definition of democracy.

Children´s Garden promote children´s Democracy by:

That all children are met with explicit and visible adults.

That all children are given equal opportunity on their early childhood educational journey with respect of their   inherent competences, alongside our curriculum and pedagogical frame.

That all children are shown attention to express themselves culturally.

That all children are given the right to co-determination and to express their own opinions.

That all children are taught and cared for by adult whom have reflected morally, in order to support the children to be empathetic individuals.

That all children participate as members of Children´s Gardens community and learn to take responsibility within the regulated framework.

That all children are given purpose and meaning on their developmental journey.

That all children learn to acknowledge and show respect for one and another despite race, religious or cultural background.

That all children are given a set of tools to problem solve with a solution in mind.

That all children are supported in their friendship formation across the whole school.

That all children are given the foundation to become a universal citizen that maintain peace in the world.


Children´s Garden is where the future is created