We consider parents are a child’s first teacher and as such the school values and appreciates the knowledge parents bring with them. The sharing of this information is vital and it is important that we the careers get to know parents and child in order that families begin to feel a sense of belonging within the school community and continue to build a strong partnership.

The school provides opportunities throughout the year for teachers and parents to meet, the aim of the meetings are to present a forum in which a dialogue is professional and informative. Equally there are more informal connections between school and home, teachers welcome children into their class daily and teachers are accessible for parents to chat about their child. Open Mornings for parents are weekly and parents are invited to attend and join in with their children.

This document will provide parents with the necessary information to support your understanding of how together we can build a bridge between home and school.

The 4 official meeting held by the school are:

  1. Connection Meeting
  2. Personal Learning Plan
  3. Personal Goal Setting Meeting
  4. Assesment


Every child deserves to develop their full potential and perform with excellence. This we support by establishing a Home School Partnership, where parents and school can discuss and agree their individual responsibilities to ensure that the child’s point of view is recognized, and that the child’s needs are always central. We acknowledge that parents are a child’s first teacher, and that their support is essential to help a child reach their maximum potential in all areas of development.

Values for collaboration with parents.

The focus should be on the child’s inherent competencies.

The focus should be on where the child performs at his/her best, according to their individual resources and personal development.

There must be a focus on the importance of the child’s positive relationships with children and adults.

The focus should be on the teacher’s and assistant’s efforts in relation to arranging activities so that it supports the child’s overall development, by not only looking at the child’s inherent competencies and personal interests, but taking into consideration the child as a ‘whole’. Focus should be according to totality of development.

We appreciate that parents enter into an open and honest dialogue with school, and consider their child’s needs at all times.

Parenting is about letting go of oneself and perceiving into the uniqueness of the child. Once that is acknowledged, any child can blossom.

There must be consistency with the involvement of all parties, so it is clear that everyone does as agreed in any given situation.