A Children´s Garden life style

Holistic Learning at Children’s Garden focuses on the development of the child as a whole. Through a strong partnership with parents, we ensure that a child’s growth is integrated and harmonized between the School and the Home environments.

Environmental Rhythms are fundamental to the structure of Children’s Garden. Children’s Garden highlights the seasons of the year to assist children in their explorations, promote a strong connection to the environment, as well as encourage a healthy and natural lifestyle including positive, vegetarian eating habits and diverse physical activity. Through an establishment of routine and expectation, our schedule provides children with a natural code of living in seasonal rhythms. These routines unite children’s lifestyle with their need for consistency and prediction, providing the secure framework in which they can begin to take initiative.

Interconnection between the areas of a child’s development and learning is central to the Children’s Garden Philosophy. We seek to support child centered learning and awareness of that learning by uniting the areas of our curriculum in a Seasonal Plan. Through a child–led documentation process called MY BOOK, Children’s Garden empowers children’s ownership of their learning processes.

Identity is the most precious gift a young child is given. Each child comes to our community with a rich cultural and personal background, their own unique experiences and history and their own set of strengths and weaknesses. At Children’s Garden, it is our duty and honor to support each child as their personal identity grows, takes form and in turn takes its effect upon the world.