Children´s Garden a Scandinavian International Experience

At Children´s Garden do we strive to create a balance between play and formal learning.

Play is a fundamental for the children to unfold their personalities, social interaction, physical capabilities and give the opportunity to experiment with the ability to learn academic skills and should be seen as a platform for learning. Therefore, is play essential to be acknowledge as a natural instinct for developmental wellbeing on an emotional, mental and physical level.

Play is universal, all children from around the globe engages in a world of fantasy, enlightenment, and curiosity. Some children have a spontaneously way of playing and other children has to be guided towards playful situations. Despite their cultural background, however it is to be acknowledged that children from various countries play differently. An Asian child may be interest in puzzles and games, where by a Scandinavian child may like to play physically and explore outdoor life.

At children´s Garden do we see childrens development as constantly expanding by adding new forms of play into the children´s universe. This is created in harmony with our topic of exploration, the curriculum, the universal child program and learning styles.

Dramatic play at children´s Garden orientates from the topic of exploration or our literacy program.

Dramatic play and topic of exploration begins with the classrooms is transformed into a universe that sets the scene of the particular topic. The children are invited on an existing journey of wonder and exploration into familiar situations and the unknown. The teacher illustrates the content of the dramatic paly by becoming a polar bear, a family member or a firefighter etc. In order to awake the childrens fantasy and they are encouraged to take on a role and act it out. The children lose reality and is suddenly part of a world where things are to be cultivated and examined through play.

The developmental benefits of dramatic paly are for the children to discover new concepts of personal, emotional and social skills and knowledge and understanding of the world.

Dramatic paly and literacy takes form from knowledge that children already have from books read or songs sang in the classroom. By acting out familiar stories children build on their recalling skills and the correct use of grammar.

Station time is set up on a daily basis for the children to engage in a free play situation with a development area in mind.

At Children´s Garden do we recognize all forms of play from the physical play, where children run, jumps and climbs. Physical play has a natural effect of the child´s spatial awareness and contribute to the respect of others. Expressive play is central to children´s understanding of cause and effect by engaging with materials, drawing paper, clay, finger-paints, watercolors etc. To symbolic play where the child expresses a difficult life situation and act it out as a coping mechanism.

Play from the child´s natural perspective takes form as role play and at Children´s Garden do we indeed give the children the time and space in engaging in free choice play. In roleplay is there no interference from the educator’s side, they are there to make developmental observations.