Please read thorough the following policies for your information.  These are to be followed, however, we always take the individual situation of our families into consideration.


  1. Attendance
  2. Absence and Late Arrival
  3. Drop off and Pick up Procedure
  4. Hours of operation
  5. Illness
  6. Information and communication
  7. Leaving or moving
  8. Payment
  9. Question and Answer
  10. Telephones

Classroom and Care

  1. Birthdays
  2. Celebrations
  3. Clothing
  4. Problem solving with children
  5. Medicine
  6. Moving Up
  7. Nutrition
  8. Sunscreen
  9. Toys


  1. Gate
  2. Kitchen Access
  3. Personal Items and storage
  4. Safety


  1. Attendance
  • Attendance is taken on a daily basis, for our own record keeping purposes. And for the use of documentation for evidence for applying for entering Reception Class or Year 1 / Preparatory level.
  • We suggest a regular schedule of attendance be set up to maintain a routine, and establish consistency. This schedule is entirely up to the individual family needs, and allows time for unique experiences and holidays. Please bear in mind, that once our children attend Reception Class or Year 1 / Preparatory level, consistent attendance is mandatory.
  • Children´s Garden is open 08.00 – 16.30 for children aged 3 to 6 years old, although families make their own arrangements for which times suit their own needs.
  • Reception Class or Year 1 / Preparatory level attendance is important during school hours and is compulsory for the children´s learning.
  • Children settling in benefit from a shorter day, where possible, due to the amount of information and experience they are adapting to.
  1. Absence and Late Arrival
  • If your child will be arriving after 09.00, please notify us by sending a text to +45 5358 7375 by 08.30.
  • If your child will be absent due to illness or a home day, please send a text to +45 5358 7375 by 08.30.
  • In the event your family are going to be on Holiday outside the yearly Holidays please inform the School Secretary via email. It is not recommended that children age 4-6 years, whom attend the Reception Class or Year 1 / Preparatory level take leave outside the yearly scheduled.
  1. Hours of operation
  • Monday – Friday 08.00 – 17.00
  • In the event of late pick up a fee will be charged
  1. Drop off and Pick up Procedure

Drop Off Procedure

  • Parents are responsible for morning cloak room procedures with their child.
  • Children must be personally escorted to the classroom by parent, guardian or care giver.
  • Arrival must be verbally communicated to the staff member who is posted at the door, and the sign in sheet marked with the time and your signature.
  • Please support your child to settle calmly into the day.
  • On Open Mornings, two adults may accompany the child into the Classroom and enjoy some time together. If siblings or extended family are going to attend Open Morning, please notify the Teacher.

Pick Up Procedure

  • The persons named as parents/guardians on the Enrolment Form are the only persons authorised to collect a child from Children´s Garden, unless written permission is given on the Care Giver Form. Here, it is advised to list potential Grandparents, friends or child care assistants who regularly would collect your child.
  • Persons who are not on your child’s list of approved Pick Up members will not be allowed to sign your child out with no exceptions.
  • Please be aware that a late fee will be charged for late pick up.
  1. Illness
  • Children who are ill or suspected of being ill must remain at home until there has been no symptoms for 24 hours.
  • If illness develops during the day, parents will be informed and are expected to pick up their child as soon as possible.
  1. Information and communication

Children´s Garden is a non-digital school, as we appreciate a face to face communication.

  • The school posts all official announcements in the form of a letter, given to parents in an envelope placed in your child´s locker.
  • Information boards are located in the entrance hall near the cloak rooms and notices posted, as needed, for parent information. It is expected that families hold an eye with the changing information posted.
  • Information about classroom activities and school events is provided on a monthly basis by email from the classroom teacher.
  • For information pertaining to your child, please speak with your child´s teacher.
  • For information regarding scheduling and program, payment, finance and school policy, contact the School Office.
  • Meetings takes place on Monday morning between 8.00 – 9.00 and Thursdays between 30 – 11.30.
  • Our Home-School partnership meetings are announced two weeks in advance and can take place on any day of the week. We kindly ask parents to take time of work to attend the school meeting as they are important for your child´s all over development.
  1. Leaving or moving
  • The school requires a 3 month period as stated on the enrolment form, found on the website.
  • The school has a period of no notice given from May to August. All notice given for leaving or moving must fall outside this period.
  • When the child leaves the school permanently, they take their MY BOOK documentation, and all assessments to date with them.
  • The school can provide a written recommendation for future schools by request to the School Office.
  • A goodbye circle is held to celebrate the child if they are leaving midyear. This is scheduled with the Classroom Teacher.
  • If a child leaves at the end of the school year, they will participate in the graduation or moving up ceremony with their classroom, in June.
  1. Question and Answer
  • Regarding children and their development, please limit your conversation to your child´s teacher. Should a situation arise that you feel needs taken care of make a time to speak with your child’s classroom teacher and the Founder and Director.
  • Regarding School Management, any concerns or queries should be addressed to the School Office.
  1. Payment

Please see the separate payment regulations on our website.

  1. Telephones
  • All telephone inquiries are directed to the School Office. The administration will contact the individuals in question, such as classroom staff or other.
  • There is no direct contact to the children’s classrooms in the course of the school day.
  • If there is an urgent matter, please call the school mobile.

Classroom and Care

  1. Birthdays
  • A small celebration will be made for the child on their birthday, at circle time
  • The birthday celebration will be arranged between parent and class teacher, at least one week in advance of the actual celebration.
  • A parent wishing to bring food for the children to celebrate with is asked to take sugar content into consideration. We prefer smoothies to ice cream, rolls instead of cakes, fruit snacks instead of candy.
  • Parents wishing to give a party bag to each child are asked not to do so. Instead we request that the family donate a storybook in English, to the classroom. Please write a dedication in the cover of the book, so that the child’s birthday is commemorated. This is a wonderful gift for all the children and a great way for the school to remember your child.
  1. Celebrations
  • Seasonal celebrations are announced in advance in the year calendar.
  • Specific arrangements for each celebration are sent in the monthly letter at the end of each month, for the month to come.
  • Parent volunteers are often requested for these events, and are a great way to get involved in the community atmosphere.
  1. Clothing
  • Each child should be equipped with adequate clothing according to the weather for indoor and outdoor play.
  • Each child should have an extra set of clothes (including socks and underwear) at the school, stored in their cloak room bag.
  • Appropriate clothing for the weather must be updated regularly.
  • Each child should have a pair of rubber-soled slippers for indoor wear, and are required to take off and leave their shoes neatly in the cloakroom.
  • Parents are requested to assist staff in holding order in the cloakroom, and required to sort their child’s locker each Friday.
  • Scarves and necklaces are not permitted due to safety reasons.
  • Jewellery or other valuable items are not allowed.
  • For children toilet training, multiple sets of clothes are requested, to be stored in their personal bag.
  • Please ensure that all clothing is clearly labelled and that you check the lost property box regularly.
  • The school is not responsible for damaged or lost property.
  • Children benefit from clothing and footwear which is appropriate for their stage of development. Shoes and other clothing should be simple to remove and replace, to promote independence.
  1. Problem solving with children
  • Children’s Garden supports children through their personal, social and emotional development at all stages of learning.
  • All staff members work with eliciting a child’s own natural reactions to a situation and guiding them through conflict negotiation with their peers as well as adults.
  • A child is always acknowledged in their individual feelings and emotional state, even when being redirected toward a more socially acceptable behavior.
  • Children are assisted in taking responsibility and finding better solutions to difficult situations
  • Children are taught empathy, both through their actions and by watching the mature staff in their negotiation.
  • We encourage children to acknowledge their own behavior and consequences.
  1. Medicine
  • Staff do not administer general medications such as topical creams ,or drops, on a temporary Please do not ask staff at drop off time, to administer a casual medication in the course of the day.  If the condition is for an extended period of time, make an arrangement as stated below.  If the condition is temporary, and the child suffering, then the child ought to stay at home.
  • If your child has a medically documented condition, for which Children´s Garden would need to administer medication, then an agreement is made through the school administration. Please contact the School Office if this applies to your child.
  1. Moving Up
  • Children move up with their class, at the end of a school year.
  • Under no circumstance is a child moved up simply because they have had a birthday. Once a child is matriculated into a classroom, they are a part of that group until the end of the school year.
  • Nursery children may move up just after their 3rd birthday depending on the dynamic of the preschool class and the child´s readiness.
  • When a child reaches 4 years of age before the 1st of September in any given year, they are eligible for entering Reception class under the British system.
  1. Nutrition
  • The school will provide healthy and nutritious vegetarian snacks and organic fruit in the morning, hot meals for lunch and an afternoon snack.
  • The food is prepared fresh in the school kitchen without meat, poultry or fish.
  • Fridays are a day for children to bring a bag lunch. We ask that the food prepared from home be healthy, well balanced and without sweets.
  • Should the school take an excursion, bag lunches will be required as above.
  • Year 1 / preparatory level should bring in a lunch box on a daily basis. Snacks will be provided by Children´s Garden.
  1. Sunscreen
  • In sunny weather, children must wear sunscreen. Please give your child sunscreen on their bare arms, legs, face and neck in the morning before school.
  • After Lunch, staff will give your child a second coat of sunscreen.
  • Children´s Garden purchases sunscreen for afternoon use.
  1. Toys
  • There is a no toy policy in place throughout the school, and in general discourage the commercialization of childhood play routines.
  • Toys from home are not allowed in the school building. If a child has a toy from home with them in the cloak room that toy MUST BE REMOVED FROM THE BUILDING BY THE PARENT OR GUARDIAN.
  • If a child is asked to bring in an item from home for a show and tell arrangement, the parent or guardian must supervise the selection of item to reflect the specific assignment, avoiding toys.
  • Costumes, jewelry, watches, high heeled shoes are all considered toys.
  • In general, the school substitutes face paint and making costumes in the classroom, rather than bringing commercial items from home.
  • Children who are sleepers may have ONE COMFORT ITEM this may be a stuffed toy or blanket. This is stored in the child’s sleep box.


  1. Gate
  • The entrance gate and door should under NO circumstances be left open.
  • Please keep the code for the entry to the building confidential.
  1. Kitchen Access
  • There is no parent access to the kitchen. On days in which food is to be dropped off or stored, the food is given to the classroom staff.
  • On lunch box days, all bags are labeled with your child’s name and delivered to the classroom. They are then taken as a unit to be stored in the refrigerator.
  1. Personal Items and storage
  • Personal items are stored mostly in the Cloak room, where each child has a bag and a locker.
  • Toilet training children have a bag for spare clothing.
  • Napping children have a sleep box
  • Classroom work is stored by the classroom staff and sent home at regular intervals
  • MY BOOK is open to parent interaction and Parents are encouraged to join on Open Morning in order to spend time with this documentation format.
  1. Safety
  • The building and its air system are all designed according to health and safety regulations.
  • Children’s Garden takes the health and safety of the full community as a top priority.
  • Members of staff are at all times doing their utmost to avoid accidents and ensure safety. If anything serious happens, medical assistance will be sought, according to the information provided on the Accident Form, and parents informed.
  • All injuries are reported by telephone to the family as soon as possible, whether or not the injury is serious.
  • The school does not insure its pupils and we rely on parents to provide their children with adequate insurance policies.
  • Please make sure all your safety, medical and contact information is up to date
  • If an accident or incident occurs at home, which effects the child, please fill out the appropriate form in the School