Subsidy from your residential municipality (Kommune)

All parents with CPR numbers are entitled to a subsidy towards fees.

Parents with CDR numbers may alternatively be able to apply for a subsidy. Your Commune of residence will give your further information, and support you with the process.

Your Commune of residence reserves all rights that the subsidy may change without any notice, and parents are asked to be self-informed with regard to obtaining information regarding this.


Application Fee  

700 DKK


2-3 year olds: 10.200 DKK

3-6 year olds: 8.400 DKK

This deposit equals your child’s last month of enrolment and to be paid within 3 days of acceptance of the place. Failure to pay by the deadline indicated may result in the loss of the place. In the event that your circumstances may change and your child is unable to start on the agreed date, this deposit will be kept.

Enrolment Fee                                                                                                                  

First Child 10.000 DKK

Second Child 7.000 DKK

Nonrefundable Enrolment fee payable with the first month school fees. Due latest 7 days prior to your child’s first day of school.

Monthly School Fess 22 month – 3 years                                                                 

10.200 DKK

Monthly School Fees 3 – 6 years                                                                                 

8.400 DKK

Monthly Material Fees 

250 DKK

Extra payment will be charged, should the child need a support teacher. Should additional external services such as private child psychologists, speech therapists etc. be arranged, all payments are to be made by parents, and are asked to enter into their own financial arrangement. Children’s Garden does not enter into any financial agreements with external services.

Children’s Garden International Preschool is founded under § 80 of the Act on Day-Care Facilities, as a private childcare arrangement.

Payment terms

School fees are payable on the 27th each month and paid in advance. An invoice will be send to the parent responsible for payments. However, if it is a company responsible for the payment a quarterly invoice will be send to the contact details provided by the parent.


Please be aware that there is a THREE MONTH REQUIRED PERIOD OF NOTICE for all demission.

Please be aware that Demission cannot occur later in a school year than April 27th or prior to August 27th.

Please be aware that all payments to the school shall be made.

Please be aware that the deposit equals your child´s LAST month of enrollment.

Please be aware that a demission enters into force on the 27th of the month from the given notice.

Children´s Garden International Preschool reserves the right to terminate enrollment; if the needs of the child cannot be served by the Preschool, parents are uncooperative and in the event of non-payment of the school fees. Children´s Garden is required to give one month´s notice of a child´s withdrawal from the preschool.

Please note that children enrolled before the 27th July 2019 are paying according to the previous Tuition and Fees policy.