The premises are arranged into four age specific learning groups. Each of the four groups has their own set of classrooms allocated to them as a unit. Each unit includes a table room for arts, activities and formalized learning, an explorations room with stations and play areas geared to stimulate curiosity, as well as a tumbling area and quiet corner. Each unit is furnished with its own children’s toilet, and changing area. The interior design at Children’s Garden has focused on soft, retrospective color tones which reflect the seasonal changes of our environment. Large open play spaces and uncluttered organization allow children to unfold in a calm setting, while the esthetic mood is enhanced by maintaining principles of Scandinavian Design, with rich natural lighting, textural surfaces and clean lines. Floors have padding to soften sound, and walls and ceilings are insulated with quality sound proofing to ensure a calm interior space to enhance the daily activities of both children and staff. An air purifications system ensures the circulation of fresh air and reduction of spread illness.